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WholesaleFIT, a Free Workout & Fitness Facility in Madison, TN.

Get a Work Out at WholesaleFIT in Madison, TN

Get a Free Workout at WholesaleFIT!WholesaleFIT is a new cross-training and fitness facility that offers free workouts, exercise equipment, and daily courses to all members of the public. WholesaleFIT is conveniently located in Madison, TN, just across the street from the Rivergate Mall. We encourage all residents of Middle Tennessee who are interested in a healthy workout to visit WholesaleFIT anytime. The purpose of WholesaleFIT is to provide Madison and Middle Tennessee residents with a comfortable, safe, and fun place to work out, stay healthy, and interact with like-minded members of the community. Equipment for all levels of workouts, as well as fitness courses of all difficulty levels, are offered at WholesaleFIT, so there are ways for people of all ages and abilities to take advantage of WholesaleFIT and live a healthier lifestyle. Visit WholesaleFIT in Madison, TN, to start your workout today!

WholesaleFIT, Your Free Fitness Facility

Classes Held Daily!WholesaleFIT offers free fitness classes on weekdays and Saturdays. During the week, there are multiple cross-training, fitness, and other workout courses held throughout the day, beginning early in the morning until late evening. On Saturdays, there are two morning fitness courses held at WholesaleFIT. Whether you work during the daytime hours, or you have a flexible schedule, WholesaleFIT has courses that suit all types of schedules.

Visit WholesaleFIT and Work Out in Madison, TN

Other ActivitiesThere are additional facilities and activities at WholesaleFIT that increase the possibilities for the entire family. Youth and adults who play baseball can come to WholesaleFIT to refine their skills. We have batting cages available for players to work on their swinging techniques, plus we offer general baseball training, as well. Practice pitching, catching pop-flies, scooping up grounders, and many other baseball skills. But we make our WholesaleFIT facilities available for other functions, too. From birthday parties to baby showers, the possibilities are endless at WholesaleFIT.

WholesaleFIT, a Free Cross-Training and Fitness Facility

Our Mission: Giving Back with Healthy LivesWholesaleFIT is affiliated with Wholesale Inc., a new automotive dealership with two locations at Mt. Juliet and Rivergate in Middle Tennessee. Why would an automotive dealership build a free fitness facility open to the public? Simply put, we wanted to give back to our community. Wholesale Inc. has received continuous support from Madison and Mt. Juliet drivers who buy cars from our new vehicle inventory or get their vehicles? maintenance needs met using our drive-thru service center. At Wholesale Inc., we feel fortunate to be able to do business in Middle Tennessee, where people are friendly and appreciative of the personal customer service we provide. As a result of our success, we feel it is important to treat our employees well and to take care of the members of our community.

Rather than paying for expensive fees for gym memberships, we wanted to offer people in Mt. Juliet and Madison a free alternative way to exercise and live healthily, so we built our WholesaleFIT cross-training and fitness center. We have friendly trainers at WholesaleFIT, who teach free classes throughout the day, and we also outfitted our fitness center with all types of cross-training and workout equipment. For every person in Middle Tennessee who uses WholesaleFIT to exercise, stay-in-shape, live healthily, and meet like-minded friends along the way, that is a victory for us, and that is why we built this fitness center!

The world of automotive dealerships can be a competitive one, with different new car dealers vying for more customers and bigger reputations. We love the car business at Wholesale Inc. because we get to help so many drivers find solutions to their automotive needs, but we also wanted to give back in another way, as well. WholesaleFIT is our way of taking a step back from the competitive world of automotive dealerships to help people in Mt. Juliet, Madison, and across Middle Tennessee the opportunity live happy, healthy, and productive lives. Whether you are an avid fitness person, or you are interested in starting a healthy lifestyle, we have free fitness solutions for people of all ages and ability levels. Visit WholesaleFIT in Madison, TN, across from the Rivergate Mall, and get your workout started today!

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